Geopark Management

Langkawi Geopark is coordinate by Langkawi Development Authority (LADA) with essential roles in providing financial, infrastructure and most importantly in promoting Langkawi Geopark nationally and internationally. The most essential part of the administration structure is Geopark Division, a specially created division under management of LADA. Geopark Division in manned by professionals in for main areas, namely, geologist, administrative, forestry and information officers.

Specially created board called Langkawi Geopark Advisory Council has been established to incorporate member from state and federal administration as well as other important stakeholders including community leaders chaired by Chief Minister of Kedah State. It is also important to note that Langkawi Geopark has acquired royal patronage, Her Royal Highness Tunku Puteri Intan Safinaz, the daughter of the Sultan Kedah, signifying the State’s commitment to the geopark initiative.

The functioning of the Langkawi Geopark Advisory Council is facilitated under two technical committees, Scientific & Conservation Committee and Development & Promotion Committee.


Scientific & Conservation Committee

This committee responsible for providing advices and suggestions on scientific aspects and areas and objects for conservation in the geopark for development and conservation. This committee is headed by Director of Southeast Asia Disaster Prevention Institute.

Development & Promotion Committee

This committee responsible for planning future development within the geopark and promotion of Langkawi Geopark at the domestic and international levels. This committee is headed by General Manager of LADA and joint chaired by District Officer of Langkawi.
Kedah State Executive Council has endorsed Langkawi Geopark on 31st May 2006 and LADA as coordinating bodies of the geopark. At the same time, the government also approved of the establishment of LADA’s Geopark Division (Figure 4) and assigned LADA to undertake special task to develop and maintain the geopark infrastructures, facilities and programs to promote the geopark both nationally and internationally.


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Langkawi Geopark Short Video

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