Asia Pacific Geoparks Network


Founded in 2007, during First Asia Pacific Geopark Conference in Langkawi Geopark, Malaysia. The main role of the APGN is to provide a networking platform that will enable strategic promotion of geoheritage conservation and geoparks establishment for geopark development in Asia Pacific region. In addition it will provide support particularly in the sustainable economic development of geopark areas with emphasis on enhancing geotourism and nature tourism activities. This will be carried out through the promotion and exchange of scientific understanding, technology and expertise as well as education and awareness raising programmes. The other network that promotes European Geoparks could be found here.


Two committees will provide support to the APGN.


The Advisory Committee (AC): The AC comprises representatives of the founding members of the APGN in recognition of their particular experience and knowledge on geoparks together with other nominated individuals with a particular skill or knowledge in the field of geological heritage and sustainable development. The Committee’s role includes the development of programmes and promotion of activities related to geodiversity assessment, geoheritage conservation, education and geoparks establishment.
Decisions on memberships and programmes of the APGN shall be within the purview of the AC.


Coordination Committee (CC)
The role of the CC is to develop and coordinate a focused Asia Pacific Geoparks (APG) stakeholder’s collaborative partnership group that will provide scientific, technical and expert advice as well as support on geoparks establishment and governance. There is nonational quota to representation of the APGGN CC though voting rights are limited to one per Asia Pacific geoparks.

Event Highlights 2012

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ITB Berlin - Hall 4.1 Global Geoparks N…

7-11 March 2012, ITB Berlin - Hall 4.1 Global Geoparks Network Exhibitions

Public Education Geopark To School

Geopark To School 19 March 2012 21 March 2012 25 March 2012 27 March 2012 29 March 2012

Gotong-royong Perdana Langkawi

24th March 2012, Gotong-royong Perdana Langkawi

Geopark Camp for Langkawi School Student

1 April 2012 - Geopark Camp for Langkawi School Student

5th International UNESCO Conference on G…

12-15th May 2012, 5th International UNESCO Conference on Geoparks at Unzen Volcanic Geopark, Japan (

European Geoparks Week

28th May - 3rd June 2012, European Geoparks Week

Langkawi Geopark 5th Year Anniversay Car…

30 May - 3rd June 2012, Langkawi Geopark 5th Year Anniversay Carnival

2nd YES (Young Earth Scientist) Congress…

5th - 10th August 2012, 2nd YES (Young Earth Scientist) Congress, Brisbane, Australia

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