The Machinchang Cambrian Geoforest Park Trail

  •     Machinchang Cable Car Trail

The Machinchang Cable Car Trail comprises scenic viewing from cable car ride between the main station and the middle station, the walking trail in between the middle and top stations and the scenic viewing from the top station.

  •     Pasir Tengkorak- Tanjung Buta Trail

This geopark trail includes a 1.5km trail on rocky coast and about 600m jungle and mangrove trail. Excellent outcrops of the Machinchang Formation at this trail exposed varieties of geodiversity.

  •     Teluk Datai-Telaga Harbour Boat Trail

The boat ride from Datai Bay to Telaga Habour will pass trough scenic rocky cliff with only few small pocket beaches as well as mountain ridges from different viewing angle. Along the route one can observe various coastal geomorphological features and several geosites including the Pulau anak Datai, Tanjung Hulur, Tanjung Chincin, natural sea-fountain and Tanjung Burau.

The lush virgin tropical jungle provides a different dimention to the Machinchang Cambrian Geoforest Park with varieties of faunas and floras.

  •     Telaga Tujuh Trail

Telaga Tujuh is the prominent waterfall in Langkawi, where one could enjoy a cool dip all season. The name Telaga Tujuh or Seven Wells refers to the seven cascading natural pools at the top of the main waterfall.

It is formed at the boundary between the Cambrian sandstone of Machinchang Formation and the Late Triassic granitic rocks.

  •     Kilim Trail

The trail begins at the Kilim jetty, where a boat ride will takes us through amazing mangrove forests along narrow valleys of limestone rock formation and rugged coastlines. This trail also features several interesting caves and untouched doline lake of Tasik Langgun. Along  this way visitors may see monkeys, king fishers, monitor lizards and mud crabs congregate along the riverbanks. Fossil are abundant in Kilim’s rock, particularly at Pulau Anak Tikus. Visitors also have opportunity to discover mysterious ancient seashells (age of ~4000 and~7000 years old) which are now located between 2 meters and 23 meters above the present sea level.

Among important geosites along this trail are Gua Kelawar, Pulau Anak Tikus, Teluk China Mati, Tasik Langgun, Teluk Mempelam dan Gua Langsir.

  •     Tasik Langgun Trail

Tasik Langgun occurs within the the Setul Formation. It is the second largest fresh water in Langkawi. It was part of a bowl shaped depression called sinkhole or doline, formed when water dissolves the limestone walls.

The Dayang Bunting Marble Geoforest Park

  •     Dayang Bunting Trail

The are several interesting geosite at Pulau Dayang Bunting, Pulau Tuba and surrounding islands. Some of these are regularly visited by tourist that picked up normal island hopping tour. Among the must visit geosites are Pulau Tepor Dropstone, Pulau Ular, Pulau Singa Kechil, Dayang Bunting Lake, Gua Pasir Dagang, sea arches of Pulau Dua and Pulau Lima.

  •     The Pulau Tuba Trail (Gua Wang Buluh)

This cave is formed at about 150m above the present  sea level and has several small entrances facing a valley or wang, which actually is a doline with very steep cliff. The cave consists of several chambers at two different levels, each of which with various stalactites, stalagmites, columns, rock curtains and flowstone, forming shapes of various creatures. The cave wall that is exposed to sunlight is covered by algae and is green in colour.

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