Bukit Kechil Fold Geosite is located in the middle of Pulau Tuba, southeast of Langkawi. Bukit Kechil Fold is a special phenomenon found in the Setul Formation limestone aged Ordovician to Devonian (505-390 million years). The fold here represents a sliding and folding processes in a ductile condition, as soon as sediment was deposited on the seafloor.

In such circumstance, the original folding structure is still maintained despite having gone through a very complex folding. At this location, this phenomenon can be clearly seen, due to the fallen block along fault or fracture plain, where the slump folds are exposed. This site has a high educational value for students and researchers, about outstanding geological processes.

In normal circumstances, rocks are displaced due to the tectonic process, i.e. whether uplift or compression of the crust in the long term. Slump folds can only occur in a very short time in the event of stochastic disturbances, such as tremor in an earthquake. Many geological theories arise from field observations and one of the most basic is that the present process is the key to the past’. Interesting folding patterns are like natural paintings with amazing beauty that can inspire the public.

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