This geosite, located within the Kilim Karst Geoforest Park at the river mouth of the Kilim, represents the limestone of Setul Formation aged Ordovician to Devonian (505-390 million years. From far, the surface on the vertical cliffs looks very coarse and jagged. This dramatic landscape is known as the pinnacle. Pinnacles are formed by a continuous process of dissolution along fractures in the limestone, forming swallow holes, becoming larger until several holes join together. In this geosite, the peaks of the pinnacle look like a tortoise and became an icon of the beautiful Kilim karst landscape until every visitor will stop and take selfies or photos here.

The pinnacle is also a vertical wall of a dolina formed behind it and is now covered by pristine mangrove forest. Shrubs, such as Paraboea lanata, and trees, such as Cycad tree (Cycas clivicola) on the vertical wall look like the Hanging Garden of Babylon. Sungai Kilim is the main gateway for fishermen to catch fish in the Andaman Sea. Today, many fishermen have diversified their sources of income through their involvement in operating the Kilim Karst Geotrail tour package.

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