Pulau Jong is a small island shaped like a ship (jong) located in the eastern part of the Kuah Strait. The island represents Chuping Formation limestone aged Permian (275-245 million years ago). Most of the Chuping Formation had been transformed into marble by extreme heat from granite intrusion, but Pulau Jong is not affected by the metamorphism process and still maintains the original primary structures, including fossils. Geologists have found fossils of brachiopods, crinoids and bryozoans, which prove that this limestone was formed during the Permian Period. Therefore, this island is a very important geosite of Chuping Formation fossils. Pulau Jong represents a karst island that forms an interesting and mysterious landscape from the perspective of the local community. In a certain direction, this island looks like a ship.

According to a myth, Pulau Jong is a ship that runs through the Straits of Kuah without asking permission from the guard of the Dayang Bunting Island. In anger, the guard conjured a hurricane, causing the ship to be stranded and turned into a rock. The island is located on the path of the Dayang Bunting Marble Geoforest Park geotrail, which can only be seen by tourists by boat.

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