Teluk Berembang lagoon in the south of Tuba Island. is located near the traditional coastal fishing village. The process of coastal formation that took place around 7,000 years ago has produced a series of sand ridges and lagoons. The landscape of scenic beauty seen today is the latest series of alternated lagoons and sandy beaches (ridges). A series of sand ridges (gong) and depressions (‘mengabang’) formed up to a few kilometres inland are now coastal plain, suitable for village settlement and agriculture. The freshwater lagoons are now a wetland habitat for the major migratory birds in Langkawi. The swampy ‘mengabang’ is a suitable habitat for ‘mengkuang’ plants that Tok Pura and a group of women harvest to weave mats.

Now, the woven mengkuang products have become the main handicraft reflecting the coastal Malay community culture. The coast and Berembang Bay Lagoon are ideal for beach recreation, bird watching and cultural tourism activities.

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