This geosite is located in the north of Langkawi to form a landscape of hills and outstanding coastline. There are aranite boulders (tors) of various sizes strewn across the beach right up to the hills at the Craft Complex. Some of these tors have a diameter up to 10 metres. Two natural conditions cause the formation of tor morphology: weathering process of granite rock forms tors of various sizes; the erosion process is faster than weathering until the boulders are exposed to the surface. This is a rare geological phenomenon in the tropics, except in several rocky coastal areas.

In Malay beliefs, granite tors are often referred to as ‘live stones’ as they seem to grow with time. What happens is that erosion lowers the soil surface until the boulder is more exposed, thus, appears larger. The Lanakawi Craft Complex is a handicraft centre located within this geosite. This is where native Malaysian handicrafts are sold and education programmes about the art of Malavsian handicrafts are conducted. There are also museums that showcase the various ethnic heritage in Malaysia. Teluk Yu Granite Tors Geosite is suitable as a beach recreation area while learning about the uniqueness of Malaysian handicrafts.

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